1.Why should I choose Custom Photography?

This is a great question, one that lots of people should ask. Custom Photography is an investment for sure. But it is a wonderful investment!! Your session will be all about you and your family. I can customize a location and theme based on your family and what you love. I am happy to chat with you before your session about what to expect as well as the important things you expect from the session. The session is a time where I can capture real moments for you!

2. Do I get the disc with my session fee and do I have printing rights to the images?

You sure do!! I sell the digital files of my images with every session because we are living in a new millennium with ever-changing technology and it is great to be able to share your photos with people on your i-pad, digital photo frame, or in another 1000 ways. However, when it comes to printing photos to hang on your walls I HIGHLY suggest you do that through me!

There can be a vast difference between photos printed at the local super centre or drugstore and the prints I sell that are produced by a professional printing company. I include printing rights so that when you are scrap-booking or making a collage for your child's school or something you can do so quickly and cheaply. I suggest you print through me for your wall photos so that the quality of your prints match the quality of your digital files!!

3. Do I have to pick one of the product packages as well as paying the session fee?

You absolutely do! This goes along with the question above. I wanted to ensure that all my clients were walking away with a minimum amount of professionally printed product. Otherwise it would be too easy for my clients to just take the files, print at Wal-Mart, and not realize that they were short changing themselves by spending a good amount of money to get professional photos that ended up looking not so professional because of where their wall portraits were printed.

4. Is GST included?

Nope. You will need to add 5% to everything you purchase.

5.What are my payment options and can I pay with a payment plan?

I take cash or cheque... unfortunately at this time I do not take any type of credit card. Sorry for any inconvenience that may cause you. I am totally willing to do a payment plan that works for your family for the package sessions. (Babies and Bellies & Babies First Year) Please contact me to chat about the details. Thanks.

6. How many images will be on my disc?

Other then weddings or mini-sessions, you can expect 25-35 images on your disc.

7. Do I just get color images?

Nope. You will get color as well as black and white images. I will use my own discretion whether an image should be in color or B&W. So, you will get a combination of both on your disc.

8. How long does it take to get my disc after my session?

It will take about 2-3 weeks to get your images edited and on a disc depending on the time of year. The summer and fall are both really busy times for me so it could take a little longer. I can also let you know at your session about how long to expect. For you brides, you can expect about 6 weeks to get all your images edited and ready.

9. How often do you do Mini-Sessions?

At this point, I do a family mini session date once a year in the fall. It is one day only and mini sessions can only take place that day. The sessions book up fast so keep your eye on the blog or facebook for details at the end of the summer. I may begin doing an in-studio mini-session date once a year as well. I am now offering as well "Baby Mini Sessions" all year round. These sessions are milestone sessions and are just for your baby. They do no include any family photos.

10. How long does a newborn session last?

About 2-3 hours to ensure those adorable sleepy shots I love!

11. What can I expect at a newborn session?

This session is pretty long but it should be pretty relaxed too. Come to the studio with baby in just a sleeper and fully fed although you may need to feed your baby while you are here. We will do a variety of shots of baby alone and then some with his family. I do have lots of props, hats and headbands so you don’t need to worry about that at all unless you would like to bring along something special to you. I love snuggling your newborn and I am very comfortable handling and caring for them so no worries at all.

12. What can I expect at a maternity session?

Your maternity session should be done somewhere between 32-37 weeks. The session is about 1 hour long and includes multiple poses… some of just you and some of you and your hubby. I do have some fabric and different props here in the studio as well. If you can bring along jeans (without a panel, you can just leave the top button undone), tight t-shirts or tanks or maybe even a dress.

13. Can you make me a birth announcement?

For sure!! I can make you a 4X6 announcement with multiple images. The announcement is $50 and for that amount you will receive the announcement in a jpeg and you are free to print them yourself. I will make up your announcement for you and you are welcome to make up to 2 revisions. I can also make Christmas Cards and Wedding Thank-you Cards.

14. How long does a family session last?

The session is about 1 hour long. Sometimes a session is shorter if you have younger kiddos.

15. How many people can I have come to my family session?

The session fee includes 5 family members. It is $25 for every extra person on top of that.

16. How far in advance do you book up?

It all depends on the season. I usually start booking the next summers wedding season in the fall before. So, call me as soon as you are engaged to ensure I will be available for your wedding date. Family sessions can be booked anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months in advance. And lastly, your newborn and maternity should be booked in advance… the sooner you can let me know the better… that way I can get you and your family in.

17. What is included in your wedding packages?

There are 3 wedding packages to choose from and they range in price from $2400 -$3700. They include a disc with your wedding images on it with printing rights as well as an album (size depending on package), an enlargement (size depending on package) and Thank-you Cards.

18.Last but not least, Do you do Boudoir/Glamour?

I absolutly do! At this point I just do Boudoir Marathons 1-2 times per year. A Boudoir Marathon is a select date where I photograph more then one women in one day (like the mini sessions). I book a hotel room for the marathon. It is so much fun and something every women should do!! So, keep your eye on the blog for session dates and details.