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  • Welcome to my website/blog!

    Well, I guess I should introduce myself....

    Hi! My name is Loni Bourne. I am a photographer here in Red Deer, Alberta. After my husband, 3 kids, and Christ, photography is my absolute passion! I Love that photography captures moments we otherwise might not have ever seen or remembered. The captured delight in a child's eye, the love felt through the frame of an intimate moment shared, the blessed joy of new life, tucked away in a faded album to be treasured for generations. I want to capture those moments for you... Moments of laughter, tears, smiles, frowns, silliness, shyness and everything in between.. this is the beauty; this is the passion; this is my gift...
    Thank-you for visiting my site. If you have any questions please contact me... I would love to hear from you.

Red Deer Newborn Photography | Jael

Jael (Jay-elle) came to visit me this morning for her newborn session. At 9 days old she was a perfect little model for me…. and so was her big sister!! I photographed big sis as a newborn as well… and it was amazing to see the similarities in the girls as newborns… I am excited to see how Jael will have changed for her 6 month session…. and then again at her one year. I LOVE the “Babies First Year Package”… it is an amazing way to document your babies first year of life:)

Red Deer Maternity Photography | Laura

Isn’t Laura stunning? I loved being able to capture her… and now I am super excited to get her in front of my camera again when baby arrives:) We met up at the lake yesterday evening for their session… so happy we did:) The light was amazing, our location was awesome and adding their pooch to the session was the perfect addition:)

Red Deer Baby Photography | McKenna

Sweet McKenna came to visit me this morning. I haven’t seen her since her newborn session a little over 6 months ago… it is always amazing to me how much babies change in the first 6 months or 1 year. McKenna has sure changed but she still has that same adorable face I remember. Thank you so much to her mommy & daddy for bringing her back to see me:)

Red Deer Newborn Photography | Gavin

Yesterday adorable Gavin came to visit me for his newborn session. This little man was not so little.. at just over 10 pounds and 1 week old, he was such a pleasure to photograph:) Gotta love all that chub!!

Red Deer Wedding Photography | Josie & Kyle

This past weekend I was in Canmore for Josie & Kyle’s intimate and absolutly stunning wedding! I loved every moment! Josie was glowing, their ceremony was adorable, the details were unbelievable & their 2 little boys…. need I say more:) What a gorgeous day!!